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Thread: Router problems

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    Router problems

    Hi there guys,
    i have a thompson ST585 V6 modem router and i put a wirless password on a long time ago now and so as you do i forgot it! i cant seem to find anyway of resting it so i can use my wirless again.
    If anyone could help me i would be very grateful!



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    Re: Router problems

    Never used a Thomson router before so I don't know what the firmware is like.
    It usually doesn't make you enter the wireless password in order to turn off the password or even disable the wireless completely.
    At which point, hopefully it would have forgotten the previous password you had set.

    Failing that you could find the factory reset button or reflash a fresh firmware.
    You'd need to redo all your settings if you did this though.

    edit: Just looked at the manual that's up on the website and of course the encryption key is on the wireless access point page in plain text.
    Just look it up from a wired pc

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