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    new case

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a new case which costs up to £50 (might be able to stretch to £60). I'd like it to have easy cable management, good for quietness and hard drive slots that face sideways (if you get what i mean). I dont mind if it has a side window or not (i cant make up my mind if i want a one) and i dont mind if it has a door on the front. Oh and it would be nice if it was a tooless design but im not that bothered.


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    Re: new case

    I had my reservations about this case but having recently seen it in action I was very impressed
    Computer hardware and software at amazing prices, available online from Scan Computers UK

    Very, very quiet, cooling is great given all the fans, hard drives face out as you like and the cables can be routed behind the mobo tray I believe which is fantastic for cable management.

    As much as I like antec and the nine hundered, I would take this in preference.

    The only bad thing I could see was the the buttons are a tacky but you can't have it all.

    There is the new antec 300 which is a pretty good budget option but doesn't really hold a handle to the coolermaster imo. Can be as cheap as £45 on scans today onlys

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