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Thread: shameless plug time !

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    i have the original coolermaster cosmos and have just brought a water cooling kit for it, now i figure i can shoehorn the 120.3 rad in the top if i remove all but the 1st 3 inch of the top cover..

    me being me also wanted to be able to put a normal PC back together at some stage so i went on the hunt for spare parts, during my google/fleabay mission i came across Cooler Master Europe B.V.

    needless to say they didn't have the part in stock but do seem to have lots of random case parts, so i assume there breaking new cases for spares.

    within 48 hours of hitting the product request button I have found a reply in my inbox saying the top covers now added to the shop for a pleasant £8 plus about £4 postage (along with a spare set of hinges for the door @ just over a quid as there plastic and I'm bound to break them)

    so now you all know where to go when you snap a piece off your coolermaster case, or need psu spares etc.

    it makes a change to NOT be ripped off for little parts you may need !

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    Re: shameless plug time !

    Its not a shameless plug... Its positive feedback

    Thanks for sharing your experience...

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