I’m building a new rig, my chassis and heatsink will be here this week, and the next on my list is the motherboard board, but boy it’s a tough one. I cannot decide on which board to get because all of the three I have chosen are best suited for my needs. Now I’ve been using Gigabyte and ASUS for many years and they are bother reliable boards. Forget the ASUS Striker II Extreme because there are so many problems with the BIOS and the board itself, I would be throwing my money away and joining the rest of the dissatisfied customers.

So here is the list of boards:

Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6
Intel DX48BT2
ASUS Premium/WIFI-AP @n

All of these boards are compatible with ATI CrossFire but vary in price, the top end of the scale is ASUS as this comes on as £223.00 and the others, £180.00 and £171.00. The price I’m not bothered with it choosing the right board. The Gigabyte board is a nice board with all the features I require but the ASUS one is winning the battle for the post and I’m lost between the three of these boards.

Which one should I get or should I hang on for the Intel P45 chipset and get a Gigagbyte GA-EP45T-EXTREME board, the only problem is I don’t know when these boards are due for release in the UK.