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Thread: Best Boot HDD

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    Best Boot HDD


    Just to give a background..

    I used to have a 34GB Raptor, I have to say it was faultless (apart from noise), however it lacked capacity for having it as my boot drive, so I recently upgraded to a Seagate 500GB 7200.11 32MB Cache.

    I partitioned 100GB for the Boot sector, and the rest for storage.

    However, based on current usuage, I am getting the impression that its not the most stable drive in the world..but have no way of explaining and dont know of any way to test this...

    Basicially I am looking at getting another HDD, one purely for windows etc, therefore based on reading the forums everyone says get a 320GB with a single platter..

    This sounds good to me, however on reading the specs in sites like ebuyer / aria / microdirect, its not all to evident if the HDD is a single platter. Is there any quick way of identifying if it is?

    I like WD drives, so my preference would ofc be WD.

    Is any of the 250GB single platter?


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    Re: Best Boot HDD

    The WD640AAKS is a very fast drive (2 x 320GB platters - these are one of the highest density platters along with the Samsung F1), for more information read this:

    & it costs about £55

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    Re: Best Boot HDD

    The Samsung F1 320GB, 640GB and 1TB, or the WD 640GB (or 750GB & 1TB Black Editions), hard to tell which 320GB WD's are single platter so it's a risk.

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