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Thread: 7v northbridge fan?

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    7v northbridge fan?

    Is it ok to 7v a northbridge fan whilst the pc is idle (not under heavy load).

    Don't have a temp sensor on the nb, so its hard to monitor the actually temp difference. Could it cause any problems? I'm guessing it'll be fine tho...

    Just thought i'd ask!

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    /me rubs passive northbridge

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    take back of your case off. assu,ming you made the required holes before insalling mobo, youch the back of the mobo where the nb is, thats how you see if its hot. ive had to go back to stock fan on mine for a week, instead of a waterlock. 170fsb @ 1.5v is the max i can use atm without it getting hotter than i would like. when i put the w/c back in, there will be the chipset volt mod, hopefully 1.8v will give me 250fsb

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    If you've not added voltage to the NB then it'll still be adiquately cooled if you pulled the fan off! Worked fine on my K7N2G-ILSR when the fan broke, I just left it passive and it was fine!

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