Hi there!

I intend to build a combined file server/NAS (Network Attached Storage)/media server/BitTorrent seedbox placed on a Gbit LAN with a 100/100 Mbit fiber connection. It's supposed to run headless, but an IGP is useful for setting it up. The cheaper the better, there won't be any overclocking (no need), just a cheap, cool 45W AMD CPU (it's supposed to run quietly).

OS: Haven't decided yet, either Linux or Windows Server 2003. (While Linux seems best overall, all the desktops run Windows. Linux would mean non-NTFS partitioned storage drives - probably JFS or something - and permanently having to rely on a Linux server to access a few terabyte of storage doesn't seem very smooth at all.)

So I'm looking for a solid Socket AM2 board with these qualities:
* Rock stable with minimum hassle and relatively cool
* Passive chipset cooling is a must!
* The cheaper the merrier
* Minimum of 6 SATA ports
* Gigabit LAN
* Integrated Graphics (IGP)
* Good Linux support
* Abit, Asrock, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI or XFX (my distributor only carries those)

Any suggestions?