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Thread: E7200, Poor Cooling?

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    E7200, Poor Cooling?

    Just got this E7200 a couple of days ago. Running at 3.16GHz from a stock 2.53GHz. Voltage in BIOS is set to 1.05000V - seems rock solid so far, needs a while longer on P95 though. But what is the deal with the temperature being up to 60 degrees even at just 1.05V? I could imagine it catching fire if I stuck it up to 1.4 like I see some people on the internets.. Room temperature is 21 degrees, case has lots of fans in it. Also, 3.16Ghz @ "Auto" voltage the voltage was coming up as like 1.2V, and the temperature was getting to 72 under load!

    I am a bit of a noob when it comes to overclocking, what do all these temperature readings mean:

    RealTemp readings
    CoreTemp/HWMonitor readings

    My cooler is a Zalman CNPS9700LED with Akasa 450 paste. Anyway, my question is... is this temperature good, bad, or normal?


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    Re: E7200, Poor Cooling?

    Ignore it if you dont plan on overclocking any more, the 45nm chips just get read at a higher temp(its not really 70C etc), they work fine on intel boards for reading temps correctly but every other board records the temperature differents, purely a bios issue as with mine idleing at 43C stock and on load on prime it hits 60C even though its stone cold. For a clock that big id say its good, at 1.05V is pretty good, is tha 1.05 in the bios or reported threw software? mine is at 1.1 in bios but comes out much lower around 1.03.

    Hope this helped.
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