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Thread: Elixir for my memory

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    Elixir for my memory

    i've looking at this memory for a while...512Mb DDR RAM PC3200 184 pins - Elixir over on...

    wonder what you lot think about...

    good or bad??

    i'm thinking of getting 1 stick of OCZ's 512 pc3200 ram for around £80 from the same site

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    I had some in my main pc, and since upgraded to Kingston Hyper-X which only cost about £20 more. I'm now running the 2x256mb of the Elixir stuff (PC2700) in my shuttle, and it probably the worst RAM ever. It crashes as soon as you touch the speed settings, even if you just up it by a few MHZ. Its not too bad if you're running stock speeds, but forget it for overclocking, spend a little bit more and get some branded RAM.

    Have a look around, the branded memory isn't that much more expensive, my matched pair of Kingston HyperX PC3200 isn't bad for overclocking, and was only around £70 for 2x256, compared to the £56 I paid for 2x256mb Elixir, so definately spend a little extra for overclocking.

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