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Thread: Help with HTPC

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    Help with HTPC


    I have this old rubbish rig (AMD 1800 @ 1.53 GHz, 768Mb of RAM and an ATi Radeon X1600 AGP GFX Card)

    So I whacked it in my living room behind my TV hoping I could use it as a HTPC.

    Overall, it works quite well but for some reason, some movies encoded encoded in certain formats stutter (especially the audio). I put this down to the rig being to old and crappy.

    So my question is this, If I bought the best AGP card on the market, would my HD playback performance improve or is it CPU limited?

    Thanks for any help you can offer on this,


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    Re: Help with HTPC

    It may improve i suppose, the best is the HD3850 for around £130. For that though you might as well just start building a new one, especially if the case and PSU, HDD and optical you already have is up to it.

    An abit 780G (£45), 2GB PC6400 (£30). Amd X2 (£40) and you've got yourself a decent base for an HTPC.

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