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Thread: Users with EEE 900's

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    Using the EEE 900/901 Keyboard

    Looking to get an EEE for my Birthday in December. Hoping by then the 901 will come down in price and that they may include a 40gb SSD by then.

    I am really taken by the 901, but I hear alot about the cramped keyboard and that the 1000 is way better + has a better screen. However I just prefer the form factor of a 901, it is more mobile and I just prefer the look.

    I am 6'1" with medium-large hands, I can touch either outside edge of a 901 with the little finger and thumb of one hand (fingers thin and not stubby though).

    Use would just be minor office/photo work with predominantly media and internet use (including writing posts on this and other forums)

    I don't know anyone with an EEE and 2 minutes in a shop is not enough time to tell.

    I hear some User reviews saying that you do get used to it's size as long as you are not typing loads (which I won't be).
    But I always get good impartial feedback on this forum so wanted to post here.

    BTW I don't touch type
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