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Thread: Get on the case for me...........

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    Get on the case for me...........

    Anyone help me find a case?

    Looking for a very slim desktop or HTPC case.

    Max height is 136mm.....

    Needs to have...full height expansion cards

    Around 400W PSU

    Preferably black.

    Not that bothered about looks as long as it's not Fugly.

    If it doesnt have full height cards, the must have ability to mount 2 cards (1pci-e and 1 pci) sideways and come with the adapter to do so.

    Oh...and the important thing....must be cheap!

    This would be perfect but a couple of mm too big

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Get on the case for me...........

    This is the cheepest i can find that size: but it will need a new psu.

    All other ones are about £70++, but something like this looks good and has a 300w psu:

    not cheep though.

    Do you need a 400W psu, or could you use a seperate psu, then use the top case, and a diff psu

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    Re: Get on the case for me...........

    First one says it's microBTX, that will be a pain in the arse to find a mobo for.

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