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Thread: Has my HDD had it?

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    Has my HDD had it?

    Recently my machine started taking 2.5mins to boot into XP, quite a while!

    I've defragged, used bootvis, used the windows process-program-thing to cut down on what loads but it hasn't made a difference!

    I have just run sisoft sandra & got a read speed of 3MB/s (no, I didn't type that wrong, 3 megabytes per second)

    Also it gives me bad numbers under a few checks

    Has this HDD had it?! I'm trying to avoid a reformat/install as I'd have to back up quite a bit of data but may that help even?!
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    Re: Has my HDD had it?

    You might try something like HD-Clone and make an exact copy of your whole HD?

    I use HD-Clone quite a bit to ensure that I have a back-up copy just in case my drive with the OS on it goes pear-shaped. The program is simple to use and is also quick.



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    Re: Has my HDD had it?

    Ok fixed, moved the SATA cable to another port on my mobo and now getting 170meg/s boot time ~ 20-30seconds!

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