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Thread: Speed-Link Notebook Cordless Laser Mouse, 1600dpi, Bluetooth, ...snip.. Any good?

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    Speed-Link Notebook Cordless Laser Mouse, 1600dpi, Bluetooth, ...snip.. Any good?

    Speed-Link Notebook Cordless Laser Mouse, 1600dpi, Bluetooth, 3 Buttons, Black (SL6197-SBK)

    Anyone have any experience of that mouse? Also, would it be compatible with a Logitech DiNovo keyboard? I ordered an HTPC and just realised that although I will rarely play games on it, I should probably get a cheap wireless mouse for the times I do play something that needs a mouse. I could get a top of the line mouse but I think it would be more sensible to just get a cheap one because I will rarely game on it. I would like it to work ok though and ideally be able to charge itself.

    I read a million threads about wireless mice but people tend to go for the high end stuff when gaming is involved. I have a separate gaming PC so I should really try to be sensible and stay cheap as possible.
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