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Thread: HD Enclosure (firewire) - advice needed ASAP :)

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    HD Enclosure (firewire) - advice needed ASAP :)

    I need to find my flatmate an external firewire HD enclosure as he needs a massive HD for editing a film he's doing asap. What's the best for quality, price etc.? Is there any issues with them or should he spend the extra (and it seems a fair whack) getting a proper external HD? He has a lacie one, but it was really expensive.

    Thanks in advance for the advice,


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    alot of the time its the size of the drive which pushes cost up/down. for instance i have an external drive which is small then a floppy disk and has 20g and cost around £100. for the same price you could get a bigger drive with alot more gb space on it say 80gb, but i needed the portability of my tiny drive so i paid for that feature.

    the Lacie drives are very good and they have been manufacturing them for a good many years. the main thing to look out for is heat. if you can buy one with exhaust fans etc then this is best. the Maxtor range used to have heat problems but i believe the new range is alot better. also look to see if they have a power switch on the drive which most newer drives have rather than just powering down with the computer.

    if you can afford it go with Lacie, if not get a new range of Maxtor's drives.

    if you cant afford that get an external fire wire/usb2 case and put a drive inside. which works equally well.

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    Scupa has it on the nail there really.

    Though I must just say I'm pleased you've opted for firewire over USB2 (what? me? biased? NEVER!)
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    Looks like he's going for the 250GB maxtor.... thanks for the info.

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