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Thread: New motherboard advice - DFI LP JR P45-T2RS

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    New motherboard advice - DFI LP JR P45-T2RS

    I am looking at finally upgrading this rig and I have my eye on the below motherboard. But from reading around most people say it only does x8 for the pci-e even with only one card.

    The official website has:

    DFI LP JR P45-T2RS
    2 PCI Express (Gen 2) x16 slots
    - 2-way CrossFire: One slot operating at x8 (8-lane port) or two slots each operating at x8 (8-lane ports) bandwidth

    Now I am only looking at running one HD4870 at this time but how much would I be limited by not being able to run at x16?

    There has been a few threads around lately about new versions of the gtx260/280s but they still seem a good chunk more expensive, hence the 4870.

    The new rig would be running at 1900x1200.

    Do you all think I am being silly by not waiting for the Corei7's to come out as well? I am trying not to break the bank but it if could last another 4years like this current rig I would be happy

    ok so I've rambled a bit here...
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    Re: New motherboard advice - DFI LP JR P45-T2RS

    Its 8x Gen 2, so they have the same kind of bandwidth as 16x Gen 1, which should be fine for most of today's cards.

    The slots are physical 16x, but are running at 8x (Gen 2).
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