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Thread: Loud DVD playback

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    Loud DVD playback

    I am now using the PC in my Sig as a media centre in my bedroom, only problem is that the noise from the DVD writer is too loud when playing DVDs.

    How can I quieten this down? Would it be a good idea to try silicone mounts to reduce vibrations. Is there a software (Linux) solution?

    If this doesn't work are DVD ROM players quieter than writers, as I don't mind spending £10 to sort this out. Currently I'm using my old DVD Player to play DVDs and the PC to streaming media off the network but this isn't a satisfactory solution.

    BTW This is the DVD writer I have
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    Re: Loud DVD playback

    You get utilities to reduce the read speed of optical drives. I don't know or any off hand for linux as I don't use it, but they will be available.

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