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Thread: Help with Vista 5.1 decision - Please

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    Help with Vista 5.1 decision - Please

    Hello All,

    Just picked up a set of Creative 5.1 T6100 for my gaming rig, and am just using it through the integrated Realtek audio on my mobo. Now, enabling 5.1 in games has been a mixed bag, some, like Bioshock seem fine, but for Dead Space, I just cant seem to configure the levels correctly, and actually turn the bass down further (Its already on lowest on the sub, and still makes an almighty racket in Dead Space).

    Also, when changing the level sliders within the Vista sound control panel, it seems to make a difference in the test app but not necessarily the game. ie. If I but the bass slider on 1 then in the test app you can bearly hear the sub, but in games, its way too bassy... Makes me think is it the mobo...

    This has got me thinking about getting a dedicated sound card, in particular the Creative X-fi Gamer, which is about £50, and is more than i really want to pay already. I'm not really a proper audiophile, but I would like to be able to control levels and bass a bit more in a decent control panel.

    Would this Creative card be suitable? I have heard that they previously has a lot of trouble with Vista drivers, but is that still the case? The card mentioned seems to be the best in that price bracket and i think that the lower priced X-Fi's does whatever it does in software.

    As you can tell, I'm a bit new to the sound malarkey - so go easy on me. Any opinions would be helpful.

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