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Thread: Nvidia future bleak?

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    Re: Nvidia future bleak?

    While it maybe a smart move to update your current graphics chip if it results in a card that counters its oposition, this is clearly not the case with the 260 though at least at the moment. It resulted in a card thats more expensive and still carries the same name as its older tech resulting in confusion for the customers.
    The new 260 is currently around the prices that the 4850x2 will be and that means that its going to be totally outclassed soon. So really this move by Nvidia is totally mute.
    Its all Green vs Red, personal preference, i would suggest a larger percentage of customers don't know the in's and out's of the products they are buying. Places like PC World, its packaging that attracts people, and what the "Tech Guy" tells them to purchase. Its a smart move on nvidia's.
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    Re: Nvidia future bleak?

    I personally wouldnt buy Nvidia now.

    The burying of the issues with chipsets and faulty laptops. Lying about desktop cards not being affected when HP/Dell have issued Support notices over them.

    Stupid relabeling/rebranding "old cores" as new ones. Confusing your customers or "lying" to them about new models isnt smart.

    Neither is demanding licenceing money for a bios fix to allow SLI. (after claiming for years that you need special nvidia chips) (Newer intel boards were suppost to have a nvidia bridge chip to do SLI. Now its just a bios upgrade and "Nvidia Certification")

    And the simple fact that the 4800 series is wiping the floor with them. Hell. 2x 4830's kick a 280gtx ass. Go ATI

    (Creative suck too... but thats from way back in the LIVE card series. Not the recent "breaking of cards under vista". Creative disabled features in drivers that Daniel K enabled again)

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