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Thread: Low-Mid range PC wheel

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    Low-Mid range PC wheel

    Bit of long shot and not even sure if this the best place to ask but can anyone recommend a £20-£50 steering wheel for the PC. Not looking for anything as fancy but just want something basic for GRID/DIRT etc and just hoping someone on hear has bought one recently they can recommend.

    I quite liked the look of this and this but struggled to find any reviews of either (Speed link had good review in Dutch).

    PS2 and/or original xbox compatibility would be a bonus as I still occasionally use them.


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    Re: Low-Mid range PC wheel

    I have one, its the £44 on scan and is a very good wheel(imo) its the saitek r660. Very good force feedback with a good sturdy build, it has the shift padels(behind wheel) and a gear stick but its really just an up/down stick so id ignore that. Havent had a game not work with it yet apart from pure which is just bad on the pc.

    The speedlink you linked to looks good with ample buttons. The saitek has 4 buttons which is plenty for me and i use it for grid all the time.
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