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Thread: Hosting that supports cron jobs...

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    Hosting that supports cron jobs...

    Currently devoloping a site that needs to have cron jobs running. My current host have said I am slowing down the server (70% to 80% load) I am on (shared hosting, 50 users per server) so they have cancelled one of the cron jobs.

    I understand a dedicated server would be ideal, but can't afford to pay £45+ a month for hosting!

    Is there any hosting companies out there that will let the website and cron jobs run? Worse comes to worst, will have to host it on my own PC but don't really want that hassle.

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    Re: Hosting that supports cron jobs...

    Why is running your own server a hassle? Once you get it set up, you pay nothing but power, and nothing goes wrong that isn't *your* fault. You get *exactly* what you want, too!

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    Re: Hosting that supports cron jobs...

    I use Evohosting who allow cron jobs on their shared servers, haven't used cron at all myself though so couldn't tell about restrictions and such


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    Re: Hosting that supports cron jobs...

    Have you considered a VPS? Most of the benefits of going dedicated without the crazy cost.

    Failing that... what are your requirements (server software, disk space, SSL, bandwidth, etc etc etc)?

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