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Thread: Some RAM

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      • OCZ 2GB 5-5-5-15
      • Storage:
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    Some RAM

    For some reason my system has had trouble with 4GB of RAM.

    Currently got some OCZ dual channel stuff, only works with 1 stick in at a time though.

    Anyone know of some 2 x 2GB RAM for up to about, £50 that I can just stick in and work with my board and processor?

    Mobo: Abit ip-35 Dark Raider
    CPU: Q6600

    If anyone has this board and CPU and has 4GB of RAM... what RAM you using ?


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    Re: Some RAM

    using one stick at a time allows the RAM to run at 1.8v (JEDEC specs IIRC)

    when using 2 DIMMS you need to bump,the voltage up to what it says on the stick of RAM and adjust the RAM timings accordingly, IIRC OCZ tends to like it's juice... so 2.1v is probably gonna be the voltage rating on them
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