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Thread: PSU wiring question. 6 pin ???

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    PSU wiring question. 6 pin ???

    Hi all,

    You'll have to use your imagination to help me with this one.

    Okay the standard wiring system on a PSU is leaving me a little miffed.

    Large 20 pin connector is the main ATX power = ok
    Small 4 pin power = ok
    Lots of molex connectors = ok

    There is a single row, 6 pin connector that doesn't look like anything else and isn't mentioned in my mobo manual and doesn't seem to plug in anywhere ??? it's sizes kinda makes it look important.

    This is a 6 pin rectangle, colours are, 2 X orange, 1X red and 3 X black wires.

    Any ideas ???

    many thanks

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    Single Row 6 pin connector, looks like an old AT power connector ?

    Could be an Aux power connector maybe ? Is it a beefy PSU ?

    Some Server boards have an AUX power connector for if you're pulling loads from the PSU?

    For example you might have 2x CPU's, 4 GB RAM, On Board IDE use, and run a full length 64 bit PCI RAID Card and the standard ATX connector won't be able to supply enough routed current, so you plug in a second supply direct from the PSU so to speak.
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    It's just an extra power connector that some boards use. My old MSI P4 board had one. If your motherboard doesn't have anywhere to plug it in, then don't

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