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Thread: Advice on business Laser MFP please

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    Advice on business Laser MFP please

    HI, i've been asked to advise a friend on getting a good quality multi-function printer for what they term "heavy use" although it's only for an individual PC to connect to. On most days they'll be printing out 100 pages or so of colour. One note is that the environment, although is inside, has lots of people walking through with dirty wellies, and it does get a bit dirty/dusty.

    Budget isn't no. 1 priority, although lower running costs would be good.
    I have considered separate devices, but the user isn't very tech literate (they can follow easy repeated steps, but asking them to scan an image into a PC and then print it, instead of just 'scan/copy' will annoy them).

    I've been looking at this Brother model for under £500.

    Are there any others that i should be considering?

    Thanks in advance as always
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    Re: Advice on business Laser MFP please

    no personal experience of a colour laser mfp

    Cannon is the other name I'd look at based on there mono-laser mfp, which are very nice.

    I'd also consider a Xerox phaser, ok it's not a laser but the print quality it very good, and amazingly simple to refill. heck even teachers can cope with it.
    It gives a glossy finish like a laser, text is sharp but you do get some stippling like a inkjet.
    The xerox drivers are some of the best I've seen in a good while and you get the smell of hot wax.

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    Re: Advice on business Laser MFP please

    we had a bash with colour lasers for presentations and info memos and found that nothing lives witg the tektronix phasers ... super quality though slow and pricey per page

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