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    Question Asus striker ii extreme


    This is my first post on your forums. I would like some advice regarding my new Gaming PC (which I'm going to buy this month) I have quite good PC already but i experienced NO POST trouble with ASUS 5PK, right from the first day i bought it. I'm quite fed up with this situation because when MB decide (after turning off and on for 1 hour or so) to POST i have to leave my pc on for days. I have tried all things and after several months i found that MB do not signal with triple beep that RAM sticks are removed. I tried to put RAM sticks in different slots and different combinations, at first it worked, but when i shut down my PC did not want to POST again. I tried ram voltages which supposed to be 2.10. I raised NB voltage to 1.40 (someone suggested this somewhere else) i have set up ram timings like manufacturer advised. No POST. I'm too tired with this MB now. Some people say that bad PSU can affect other components, but when i had p5b everything was ok.

    Current PC:
    MB:ASUS p5k - P35
    CPU: e6600 (stock speed)
    RAM:2gb kit Corsair Dominator pc6400 @ 800 mhz 4-4-4-12 (i'm not sure if i remembered right)
    GPU: XFX 8800GTX (on stock settings)
    Generic SATA HD : Maxtor 160GB
    PSU: Greenpower 600W

    Ok that's my upgrade plan:

    MB:ASUS Striker II Extreme
    RAM:SLI Certified PC16000 @ 2000 mhz (can i run 4gb kit in dual channel @ 2000 mhz?)
    PSU: Corsair 1000W

    GPU:2x GTX280 (haven't decided which vendor, i'm going for best warranty offer I suppose)

    GPU:1x GTX280
    CPU:e8600 (best dual core)
    HD: some decent fast 1TB HD

    So those are items i would like to buy. I would appreciate if someone has some opinions regarding this build.

    Thanks very much!
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