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Thread: Gigabyte EX58 BIOS updates

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      • Silverstone FT01 Black w/window
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    Gigabyte EX58 BIOS updates

    I've seen in some forums that EX58-UD5ers have updated their BIOSes with versions that I cannot find on the webby. Where do they get them from? Mine is currently at F3 but i've seen F4i????????

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      • Enermax 720
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      • Lian Li A10B
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      • Win 7 64
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      • Dell 24" 1900x1200
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      • VM 100

    Re: Gigabyte EX58 BIOS updates

    From Tweaktown

    use at your own risk obviously and if your machine blows up dont me
    downloads as a F4K file whatever that might be?

    have a read through on the thread as there are links to other F4 versions as well ie F4i F4h etc.

    Do you need to update the bios?
    Space in my skull

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    Re: Gigabyte EX58 BIOS updates

    Quote Originally Posted by DratUK View Post
    downloads as a F4K file whatever that might be?
    It's just the BIOS file uncompressed (ie not in the .zip or .rar file they might normally be in).

    F4 is the BIOS version which will be released on the Gigabyte sites, the F4k indicates it is the 11th BETA version of what should become that F4 BIOS.

    I'm running F4K now (just got a new mobo back from an RMA yesterday) and it's much better at the things you'd take for granted (like the F12 boot menu actually working now). It's perfectly stable.

    /me realises he's just cursed himself again.

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