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Thread: PSU for i7 system

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    PSU for i7 system


    I've just ordered a bunch of components from Scan, to build a new i7 sysytem based around the 920 CPU, Intel mobo, and an XFX GTX280 GPU.

    I've not paid any attention to a Power Supply for this new kiddy.. :/

    Will my existing OCZ Powerstream600 brick be okay? Have they changed the spec or requirements for i7 whilst I wasn't looking? Random extra connectors needed that my PSU doesn't have, or outrageous power requirements?

    If not, what should I be looking at, and adding to the order very quickly? lol.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Re: PSU for i7 system

    Should be fine. If the 280 needs extra connectors it should come with adaptors to use with spare molex.

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    Re: PSU for i7 system

    I've just re-visited the specs of my current PSU, and I'm a little worried that it's only got two 12v rails, max draw 20A and 18A. Are ye sure this'll be enough for the XFX280 ?

    And, what if my inner demons smack me around the face and force me to buy a second 280 for SLI goodness.. Surely I'll have to rethink PSU at that stage?

    Thanks all in advance,

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