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Thread: Motherboard advice needed

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    Motherboard advice needed

    I would like some advice on a new motherboard. I would like to go ASUS board and chipset combo with DDR2 ram, HDMI, Intel core 2 quad, socket775, 2 or 3 sata hookups, ATX, PCIe x16, a PCI express 2.0, HI def sound, something in the 150 pound or 300 USD range. I use the computer as my TV no gaming. I have a new graphics card, new power supply 600 watt, also something that is mot too new. Thanks for any info and your time.

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    Re: Motherboard advice needed

    Yo, something like this should be ok, it fulfills your requirements, except the HDMI which you shouldnt need because you said you already have a graphic card. The on-board sound should be ok, but you can always buy a dedicated sound card if your unhappy.

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