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Thread: Fresh PC build advice.....

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    Question Fresh PC build advice.....

    Help with a build

    I'm considering building my first PC in January as I am still running the same PC I purchased back in 2001 (albeit with most of the parts replaced over the last 7 years, bar the MB+ Processor). So I am essentially running a hunk of junk that I am looking to replace in it's entirety.

    Although I've been on these forums for years I've lost touch with whats current, what bits are best and generally need some guidance :-)

    I am quite liking the look of this case:

    and am thinking of running an E5200 or Q6600 processor from it.

    However, I don't know which MB to spec with this, nor memory or graphics card that would best suits. Running a RAID 1 array would be nice. And PSU - which one!?!?

    My needs are generally simple. The only taxing thing that I might want to do with this machine is play some games through Steam CS:source, but also some newer games once I get round to buying them! As for OS - that'll be Vista x64 Ultimate - probably with all the toys turned on too.

    So, fellow hexites. What hardware should I go for?
    As for budget, well there isn't one really. Say £600 tops?

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    Re: Fresh PC build advice.....

    Feeling lazy

    This is nice build around that budget using some of the components you suggest

    The Psu in Modu as oppose to ProE guise is hard to come by now, guess it went EOL? But something along those lines will be more than adequate and very quiet.
    Corsair 450W VX, or 450W HX (too expensive imo), seasonic 430W m12 is a good one.

    The graphics card is massive overkill for CSS but you might find use for it in newer games. What resolution is your monitor though as this could be a bit over the top.

    Motherboard wise if you are going full ATX then the biostar is a reasonable bet but its a but all the P45's are a bit expensive for what they are, the biostar being the least offender.

    Read the bit about AMD though, that will make a very nice machine when phenom II's are available which is any time now.

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      • Windows XP
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    Re: Fresh PC build advice.....

    a good place to start is to look at other peoples computer specs on the profile ro signiture as people on here are more likely to keep up to date with the lates stuff.!
    i just looked at your system ... indeed it is old!
    "Gaming" Rig (is it actually good enough to be classed as a gaming rig?

    OS: Windows XP 32-bit // Case: Antec P182 // CPU: Core2Duo E6600 @ 2.4 (stock cooler) // GPU: GeForce 8800 GTX (stock cooling) // PSU: 550 Watts // HDD: Seagate Barracuda 320 GB // RAM: 2GB // MoBo: Asus P5N

    Bed Room Rig
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