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Thread: Motherboard v Graphics Card

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    Motherboard v Graphics Card

    Hello all,

    A quick question. I have an ASUS P5N32 SLi motherboard. At the moment I have an Asus nVidia GeForce 7600 graphics card in it. I am looking to change this to the ATI HD4850. My motherboard though has an nVidia chipset. I know the graphics will work in my motherboard, but I presume there's no inherent problem (unless wanting to do crossfire/sli) to having an ATI graphics card in an nVidia chipset motherboard?


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      • Graphics card(s):
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      • Antec Quattro True Power 850W
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      • Lian-li V2000 in black
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      • Xp pro 32bit
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      • LG L226WTQ

    Re: Motherboard v Graphics Card

    Nope no problems running an ATI card on an Nvidia chipset, but you wont be able to use crossfire on your P5N32-E

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