As I did my best two days ago to rid myself of all of my overtime pay from December by putting in an order for a complete Raid array upgrade + more (10 1TB drives in total and some other snacks), I noticed that the first 1TB SSD has just been revealed. That got me wondering about the state of storage affairs around 18 months hence, when I'm next scheduled to do a complete re-build.

Anybody got any predictions on the subject? Are we nearing the end of the Spinning Discs Era? Will SSDs catch up with traditional hard drives in size over the next 18 months and; more importantly for someone with a large no. of drives; will they approach hard drives in terms of gigabytes per quid?

Personally I doubt it: I fully expect my next big storage upgrade to involve traditional hard drives, although I do expect it to be the last time that's true. Instead I anticipate a line of 3TB drives to take the place of the 1TBs now due to arrive, while the remaining boot, game, download and storage drives will be switched over to SSDs, since I expect smaller sized SSDs to become more viable both in terms of price and general performance.

What do you guys think?