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Thread: Price check: Dual Opteron system

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    Price check: Dual Opteron system

    I put together a dual Opteron workstation a few years back for the work I had going on at the time. Not long after it was built (6 or so months) I changed jobs, so I didn't really need all that power. I ended up using the system as a media server every now and then, although since then it's seen little use.

    I've decided it's about time I build a real NAS box so I need to part with this system!

    Here's the spec, I'm going to try to sell it in bundles (i.e. mobo/ram/cpu), so I'd appreciate if you lot can give me your opinions on what each bundle is worth and each part. I doubt I'll be able to sell the system as a whole!


    Motherboard: Tyan Thunder K8WE with onboard SCSI (nForce 2200 + 2050 chipsets, 2 x 16x PCI-E, SATA-RAID, PCI-X 133, SCSI, etc) - link
    CPU's: 2 x AMD Opteron K8 246 (2.0GHz) with stock HSF's
    RAM: 2048Mb Corsair PC3200 ECC Registered DIMM's (4x512Mb)
    Graphics: xForce 256Mb 7800GTX


    Additional Controller: Supermicro 8 port SATA-300 PCI-X controller
    Hard Drives: 5 x 300Gb Maxtor 7200 SATA drives, 3 x Western Digital 500Gb 7200 SATA drives


    Case: Lian Li PC-V2000 (missing the 5.25" drive bay covers, as I replaced them with additional drive enclosures although I'm not selling these).
    PSU: Antec 550w EPS12V Server PSU

    It's all been looked after and generally seen little use (for example I've never left it on 24/7).


    PS - based in London, so aiming to sell to UK audience.
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    Re: Price check: Dual Opteron system

    If you are splitting, i am intrested in the Corsair memorys and Supermicro 8 port SATA-300 PCI-X controller.
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