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Thread: 775 Motherboard Reccomendations

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    775 Motherboard Reccomendations

    Hi guys,

    I bought a kit of that cheap RAM from novatech to go i7, but i began to clock my E8600 a few days ago and it's a good one, board is stopping me getting further than 441x10 (gonna try some more settings tomorrow after school).

    I thought, why get i7 when i have a perfectly good pc here, so I am after a new socket 775 board, supporting crossfire for a 4850/4870 for some benching before i sell the 4850 and a general good clocker. Somebody has an ASUS Maximus II Formula for sale, should I get that?

    TIA, Peter.

    It's 4.98*

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    Re: 775 Motherboard Reccomendations

    I can recommend the asus P5Q pro as a great overclocker got my first day of release E8400 to 4.4ghz and stable over 500FSB for a cheapish price. Its a P45 board so crossfire is limited to 8x otherwise its an x48.

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    Re: 775 Motherboard Reccomendations

    I don't know about the Maximus Formula II, but I've got the original Maximus Formula and it's an awesome board. As with many if not all of Asus' R.O.G mobo range the board itself is known for its overclocking features. If that's what your looking for.

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