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Thread: Bios Setup running really slow

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    Bios Setup running really slow

    Hi all,

    On Saturday I bought a Asus M3A78-T and when I access the Bios setup to do anything it runs really slow. It can take up to a couple of minutes to move from one page to another, also it takes the same time if I move within that page and change anything. I did notice in windows which runs fine my AMD Phenom II x3 70 isn't recognise could this be the cause? Could it be sorted with a update or do I need to replace the battery?


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    Re: Bios Setup running really slow

    having a glance at the cpu supported list it looks like older bios's didn't support the X3 try updating to the latest one here:
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    Re: Bios Setup running really slow

    Hi I have the same mobo as yours and yes, the same problem here too, slow running bios which can be fixed by a bios update to either 9030 or 1103, worked for me at least!
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