Id just like to chime in and say how pleased i was with the quality of service the guys over at CpuCity have.

The first time i bought of them it turned out my NF7-S was not working out the box, the next day after sending back the faulty board I had a replacement from them, no messing abt, amazing service.

Since then they have been my first port of call, even if something was cheaper else where i would still buy from them, customer support counts! The level of support they offer is not in line with customer support, it is far beyond that. You expect a company which advertises itself as a overclocker type store to offer support above that of a regular retailer, you should be an enthusiast to have this type of website/store name (IMHO).

Thats the feeling i get from dealing with CpuCity, they are enthusiasts just like many others of us who post in these forums, you can tell through experience, that they are genuine.

I cant say the same for, they dont offer bad service, but they come across as a company which is more commercially driven, not primarily as enthusiasts.

There are not many other websites out there which I have felt are run by enthusiasts, is another which I feel good abt.

As for the information that was available at abt their chips, i do think that they should have updated their info alot faster. They also need to offer peeps who purchased the 1.65volt types under the assumption they were 1.45 volt type a full refund and first request for any 1.45 volt chips eventually showing up in their store in future.