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Thread: Semi-Upgrade time...

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    Semi-Upgrade time...

    got that urge... havent upgraded for a while and finding it just doesnt have enough power for what im using it for...

    ive not followed hardware that much these days so bit out of the game

    i want something along the following lines:
    new case, prefer full tower size around stacker size though preferably a slightly smaller..

    new TV card, have a Black Gold Single tuner at the mo but will be using vista when i upgrade and the black gold doesnt have vista drivers.

    new CPU must be compatible with IP35 PRO motherboard, must be quad! was thinking along the lines of a 9550

    not neccesarily important at the moment so if something new is coming out in a month or two i can wait but a new gpu if theres a decent increase in power from a 8800 GTS 512mb which is bit sluggish on certain games.

    so what are the recommended hardware choices these days then ?

    so was thinkign the following stuffs: this case, just seen it and love the pics so far!
    Hauppauge WinTV Nova-TD 500 Dual digital DVB-T PCI TV Tuner card
    Intel C2Q 9550
    and perhaps a gtx 285 ... but graphics not too important at the mo!
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