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    Angry CHeap Ninja PC

    I was thinking ogf building a sorta cheap high spec PC. A pentium 4 2.6c , maybe a 2.8e. With a nvidia 5900 XT, soft modded to a 595o. 2 x 80 gig baraccudas in raid.
    I picked up a Austek waterChill off ebay for £90. Was looking at getting some PC4400 ram from there aswell. Can anyone suggest a case , had my eye on a cheiftech dagon, maybe a wave master, or a Lian Li PC 60 Aluminium. What to you reckon on the spec and what the benchmarks will be. Also what do u reckon on the case for water cooling. Thirdly do u reckon im actually saving any money buy going down this route, I dont as all the P4 line sells at the same price these days. I also need a motherboard i know youll all say ICMAX, but theese sell at a premium for that same reason. Any other suggestions?
    I already have the waterchill so was thinking i could getaway with a total build price of around £550 with a cheap DVDR+/-w and a nice Q_tec Powersupply.


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    There's no such thing as a 'nice' QTec power supply - they're cheap for a reason...
    Get a CVT from, or a Thermaltake from anywhere, if you're on a budget.

    The Intel chipsets are best for overclocking, if that's what you want to do. Both the Asus P4P800 and Abit IS7 are good.

    As for graphics card - get a 9800Pro - they can now be found for £155 from

    Get whatever case you think is best, but wavemasters are pricey - it all depends on taste really...
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