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Thread: Sumvision Cyclone 3.5" Media Player Enclosure

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    Sumvision Cyclone 3.5" Media Player Enclosure

    Hey all!

    Just wanted to throw some useful knowledge out there from recent experience...if u want a good basic media player enclosure the Sumvision Cyclone is a great little piece of kit, whether u go for the standard version or the more pricey HD version! Something that no one is throwing out there which I wanted to spread the word about is that although even the manufacturers are saying the max drive size supported is 1tb, i can confirm that these media enclosures definitely support both 1.5tb AND 2tb 3.5" hard drives, i have both the WD15EADS and the WD20EADS in them right now! Spread the word!


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    Re: Sumvision Cyclone 3.5" Media Player Enclosure

    cool thanks for the info! was just looking to buy one of these and thought i'd quickly look on hexus to see if there was any info and this was the only thread that came up!

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