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Thread: DVD writer/player won't recognise CDs

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    DVD writer/player won't recognise CDs

    Last night a circuit breaker at home flipped out and shutdown the PC. When I rebooted everything was OK, except the ethernet light on my router was not on and I could not connect to the internet. Thought that the electrical problem had killed the router, or at least the ethernet part, as the wireless connection was still OK, so I connected an old USB modem.

    The PC recognised the USB modem as new hardware and asked for the drivers. I put the modem CD in the drive but XP(SP3) could not find the drivers. I did some more checking and found out the DVD writer/player recognises and plays DVDs but will not recognise any CDs - data or music CDs. I have tried lots and no CDs work, but all DVDs are OK.

    If I check the properties of the DVD drive when a CD is in it, Windows explorerer says 0 bytes free space and 0 bytes used. If I try to check the CD with SpyBot S&D it says there is no disc in the drive.

    Was thinking of getting a new router, but it will come with software on a CD which it looks as if DVD writer/player is not going to recognise.

    Does anyone have any idea of the casue and possible solution to this one?


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    Re: DVD writer/player won't recognise CDs

    Try cleaning it with a CD lens cleaner, but otherwise it sounds like the CD laser/lens has broken - quite likely as they're cheap. Solution if it's broken is just to buy another one for a tenner.

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