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Thread: Looking for some small speakers

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    Looking for some small speakers

    I'm looking for a pair of small speakers to use with either a laptop or portable DVD player (so need to connect via a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack), just to give a little more "oomph" over the built-in speakers.

    I have a Dell Soundbar AS500 attached to my Dell monitor for casual listening (~1W power consumption versus 30W for the hi-fi), and it sounds suprisingly good for the size. It contains 4 speakers (2 per channel) and can go down to about 100Hz, which is good enough. I want similar audio performance to that, but want them to be separated into left/rather units than a single sound bar.

    I don't want a subwoofer and compactness is the key - as small a power adapter as possible and the adapter needs to work on 120V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz power.


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    Re: Looking for some small speakers

    What sort of budget are you working to?

    £50 will get you some series II creative T20's. Pretty good for 2.0. Logitech Z-10's (don't quote me on the name) 2.0's are supposed to be good as well.

    But they're both over £50 and both pretty big for small speakers..

    Something like these will be smaller, cheaper and reasoanble qaulity.
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