hi all,

I'm in the process of building my dad a new computer after convincing him that it was time to move on, and that perhaps high blood pressure could be the result of having a computer that takes 5 minutes to open itunes.

Anyway, one thing he has requested is wireless printing so he can unclutter his work space. I have no idea where to start here without spending loads of dough.

But i was thinking about doing it with bluetooth... he only needs a range of about 5 metres. Is this an easy way to go or are there more reliable routes i can take?

I have found a pair of Bluetooth dongles that would work out really cheap but i still have no ideas about reliability... I don't want it to crash and burn as soon as I go home... this would inevitably lead to an phone convo of epic length, with me trying to describe how to fix it while franticly googling the answers...

Anyone got any ideas?