I tried selling off parts of my old system, but some are still hanging around.
I thought about advertising here, but postage for the case or psu would be heavy and I'm not sure whether anyone would want them. What do you guys think?

Whats in good condition:
I have a AVGS Cybercool modded with maplin case feet, blue power led and paxmate sound proofing.
Levicom 350watt blue led/gunmetal psu
Ennyah Geforce 4mx (boxed)
Zalman Flower pure copper, just needs some new thermal paste.

Whats not so good:
MSI KT7-PRO2-RU (KT266a) Raid and usb 2 and AthlonXP (Palamino) 2000+ brocken but I don't know which half is brocken if not both. Should probebly be in the bin.
Zalman ZM80-HP fitted it to a card, nailed the card whilst fitting it, should have all the bits but not guaranteed.

I thought about ebaying them, but the big stuff and the dodgy stuff don't seem worth while.