Abit NF7S 2.0
Athlon 2500XP
Mushkin 3200 Level 256MB * 2
Coolermaster Aero 7
Hercules Radeon 9800 Pro
Akasa Copper Floppy and IDE cables
Western Digital 80GB 7200 8Mb
Lite On DVD
Chieftec BX
Tagan 480

I've spent the last 6 months quietly putting this rig together to play IL2 properly. I used to have a 8500LE until I gave the Hercules to myself as a Christmas present and was able to easily clock 220 * 11 with the CPU and RAM. Since the blue copper wonder has been installed I've had to keep it at stock speeds due to machine lockups. With the ever watchful girlfriend querying every purchase its only been today that I been able to organise a beefier PSU as I thought the stock Chieftec 360W may have been a bit lacking so after a cpl of hours installing and zip tying every cable in sight I was a bit hopeful of getting back to my previous highs. Only problem is that nobody mentioned how much heat the Tagan produces! My case temps are now idle at 40C which I think is a bit too warm. CPU is steady at 52C which again I think is getting warmish... Would be happy but this is at 1833Mhz and 1.5V

A few questions if I may:

a: Can someone recommend some quiet / powerful 80mm/90mm case fans. I have a hunch that the coolermaster cooler itself is a useful bit of kit but is lumbered with the jet blower so would also be looking for a fan with a 3 pin connection.

b: do I go the whole hog and get the Asetek Waterchill V2. Has anybody successfully modded the Hercules with the Asetek graphics cooler?

Thanks in advance for any replies