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Thread: Belkin Router issue - only 1 computer can connect at a time.

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    Belkin Router issue - only 1 computer can connect at a time.

    My parents live in South Africa and are on an iburst boradband connection. Its basically one massive wireless modem that connects to their equivalent of a 3g network. It can then be plugged into a PC via ehthernet or a usb cable, like most BT/Virgin etc modems.

    because they have a laptop & a desktop they bought a netgear wireless router so they could connect via wifi, all worked well but after 2 years the netgear packed up. As a replacement netgear router woudl cost them £75 out there (or £20 in the uk) i bought a belkin wireless router and sent it out to them.

    My dad has set it all up, followed all the instructions and set it up to work. The wifi is now up & running but for some reason it will only allow one computer to be logged onto the internet at any one time. The other computer (AFAIK, and ill double check this) can connect, but wont load anything on the internet. Both computers do work on the intyernet though, just one at a time.

    My dad spent several hours on the phone to Belkin (shoddy shoddy customer service apparently) and to iburst (his ISP) and hasnt been able to sort it.

    Belkin say its because it is a UK router & iburst is a SA ISP, yet the netgear worked & the laptop AND desktop are both from the UK.

    Does anyone have any advice?

    cheers guys

    edit; The Belkin;

    the Iburst modem (2nd from the left);
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