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Thread: Shuttle SP95P V2 Problems?

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    Exclamation Shuttle SP95P V2 Problems?

    Hey Guys,

    umm yea first post, about this shuttle sp95pv2 i've got, which i want to turn into a media center for the living room, running xbmc but i've come across a problem.

    When i go to boot it up i have to press the restart button then the power button and now it just hangs on the bios screen and turns its self off followed by some crackling in what i make out to be the PSU. Have a feeling that the PSU is shorting.

    Has anyone come across this before or know of an easy fix. I've never really come across any problems like this when i've a few custom game rigs i see that shuttles are notorius for these litte annoying glitches.


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    Re: Shuttle SP95P V2 Problems?

    I've got the same one as you I had problems with it for about a year. It would not boot up then sometime it would boot up just fine. I also had to use the reset button at the back and seemed to get a lot of blue screens. Eventually I found out if you put in new cables that connect the hard drives to the mother board everything sorts itself out. I read somewhere that quite a few where shipped with faulty cables! hope this helps

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