While I work on getting the overclock on my new build stable, I'm coming across a couple of small issues.

The first I've noticed is the fans on my water radiator are very loud. I could keep them at a certain RPM using the mobo fan control, but then they'd still be a little loud when I don't really need them (movies, internet etc), and aren't spinning fast enough during gaming. I've decided the best way to tackle this is to stick the fan controllers I got with my GELID case fans (similar to the zalman fan mate) in. I have 6 fans, 3 to one motherboard header, 3 to another. They draw .22A at 12V each. I tried connecting each group of 3 to one fan mate, then the fan mate to the motherboard, but I am worried that due to the increased current over what the controller was designed for, I could melt the thing when I try to turn down the fans (increase the resistance). Is there anything I can do to make sure the controller is suitable? I've tried getting a reading for the resistance from my multimeter, but I'm not having any success.

Secondly, I'm getting a MASSIVE build up (after only 2 days of use) of dust in my radiator. I even found hair around the motor of the fans. I'm therefore after some fan filters, does anyone have any reccommendations? Am I right in assuming the Aluminium ones have lower airflow reduction than the others?