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Thread: mATX with decent graphics and sound

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    mATX with decent graphics and sound


    I am looking at getting a small case and motherboard (mATX) from Ebuyer:
    pls remove spaces

    because it's a nice case, and decent motherboard with lots of room for a graphics card and seems to be decent enough.

    I have an Intel quad core QX6700 processor and can get all the other stuff just looking for a motherboard with decent sound (comparable with the SoundBlaster and compatible with T7900 speakers) and a low profile GFX. Will sort out PSU later.

    Any help on these would be great, thanks!

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    Re: mATX with decent graphics and sound

    Should be fine. Just be careful with RAM on those low end boards. Some don't support dual channel. Also they don't have SP Diff, which shouldn't be an issue with your speakers.

    Depends what you are wanting to do with it, if it's just a basic system then it'll be fine.

    I've done loads of digging on socket 775 Matx mobo's lately, and the best I found is this: Unfortunately the best matx board are all amd
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    Re: mATX with decent graphics and sound

    Quote Originally Posted by InkZ View Post
    Unfortunately the best matx board are all amd
    I'm looking at building an mATX system, and have focused on AMD just because they do seem cheaper. Plus there's a future with AM2, AM2+ or AM3, whereas socket 775 has now been superceeded.

    I know that doesn't help charli.

    Just my 2 pence...

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