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Thread: building a system to run SAP

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    building a system to run SAP


    Can someone help. I am building a system to upload SAP ECC 6.0 for training. I went to the market to buy Core 2 Duo 2.93 Ghz, Intel motherboard G31M, 4 GB RAM. However I found out that the new processor Core 2 Quad is faster and the price difference is not much. abut 10%. the Intel Q8400 with G31PR.

    Now can someone advise me on which of this is the best suited for running SAP. I will be loggin into the system thru my Laptop (old 1.73 Ghz) with SAP GUI.

    There is a Q9650 AMD processor for the same price as Intel core 2 duo as well. is it better to go with AMD (some advised me that AMD has a heating problem depending on the environment. I live in a warm country)

    here are the questions

    Does Core 2 Quad really speed up the response while running SAP (Rather does SAP need a core 2 Quad)

    I dont do any gaming or need this computer for any other application.

    Appreciate your help in advance

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    Re: building a system to run SAP

    In my limited exposure to SAP over the years I've seen that it'll take pretty much everything you can throw at it.

    If you have budget for it I'd consider running it on one of the nahalem family of processors with a bit more than 4GB - an i5 750 is at a good price point too.

    also when you've got bored of breaking SAP you'll have a good gaming rig ready
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