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Thread: Another 'which keyboard?' thread.

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    Exclamation Another 'which keyboard?' thread.

    Sorry! But I have specific requirements.

    I've had an MS/Razor Reclusa for the past few months, and I'll be honest - I hate it. Too big, loads of 'gaming buttons' I don't use (WTF are the '360 jog dials' useful for? I have a volume button for my speakers already), and awful software (Win7 said it was a standard keyboard, I had to download drivers from the Razor website).

    I've been using the same model of MS mouse for as long as I can remember (Intellimouse Optical), and I love it. WTB in Black by the way, but not for silly money.

    Anyways, I've had enough of this keyboard, mainly because I can't skip a track in Winamp/WMP whilst I'm playing a game or focused on something else. Probably me having such distaste for the KB that I've not bothered to configure properly.

    Either way, I've decided to postpone my headphone purchase (Senn555), in favour of a new keyboard. I want, ney demand it to :

    1. Have simple software, that will allow the media buttons to play, go forward, backward, and stop whatever media I'm playing with Winamp or WMP, no matter what I'm doing (gaming, etc) - my old MS keyboard did this without a problem.
    2. Blue backlighting (Optional, blue or none).
    3. Quiet-ish key action.
    4. Have one of those new-fangled screen thingies to display my CPU temp/usage or the track currently being played.
    5. Be less than £70.

    I assume I'm dreaming here, but feel free to correct me.
    "Don't wanna see your face, don't wanna hear your voice . . ."

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    Re: Another 'which keyboard?' thread.

    g15 / g15rev2 (orange backlight)

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