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Thread: Price Check : Wireless Intellimouse Explorer v2

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    Price Check : Wireless Intellimouse Explorer v2

    Good morning hexus peoples,

    As title, boxed, unopened, RMA replacement for my old wireless one which died...

    wondering if i should keep it (because i bought a v4 wired intellimouse explorer before i RMAed the old one), or sell it?



    edit: ebugger seem to sell them for £35+shipping, so about £30inc would seem reasonble i'm guessing... might just keep it actually
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    Depends what you want it for. I got one of those MS wireless blue ones, its great for surfing and watching films as I can sit in my armchair which is a nice distance from my screen but when I get into UT2003 or any other fast paced game the mouse seems to loose connection if you move the mouse too quick. So if you're big on FPS gaming then keep the wired intellimouse and if you only play games like C&C generals or just do office work and surf then keep the wireless one as they are way more convinient

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